Returning Student Registration

Before You Begin

Current Parents/Guardians will verify information that is currently in Infinite Campus for their household and student(s). The process should take 15-20 minutes to complete.

  • - Please take a moment and watch the video overview linked to the right.

  • - Before you begin the process you need to turn off or add exceptions to the built-in pop-up blocker on your prefered browser. Click here for help to turn the pop-up blocker off in many popular browsers.

  • - An email address is required to start the online registration process from home. You can create a Gmail account by clicking here if you don’t currently have one.

  • - During the process some of the required documents will need to be uploaded. You can do this by scanning or taking a picture of the document. A great way to scan a document is with your smartphone using an image or document scanner app. A great app for iOS and Android is Google PhotoScan.

Information Requested During the Process

  • - Household Information - physical address and mailing address if necessary, phone number, utility bill to upload.

  • - Parent/Guardian Information - preferred phone numbers and email addresses.

  • - Student Information - demographic information and medical information.

  • - Emergency Contact - At least one emergency contact with a phone number and address is required for each student.

  • - Prior School - Where the student attended school in the previous year, if applicable. If you have a transcript available you will have the option to upload it.


Existing Parents/Guardians will complete the annual registration process using the link in their Parent Portal Account. The 'Registration' link should be on the lower left of the menu. If you have never received a parent portal account or have forgotten your username and/or password, you can do that with the following links.


Use Your Existing Parent Portal Account to Register


Request a Parent Portal Account


Request a Parent Portal Password Reset


During the registration process you can save and exit the application to continue later. Make sure to document the Confirmation Number you receive when starting the application. This is how you will be able to pick the application up where you left off.


If you need any help during the Registration Process, please contact our District Registrar at our Administration Office at 515-999-8022 or via email If you prefer, you can register in person at the Administration Office using our registration Kiosk. The office is located at 1904 State Street in Granger.

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